It’s so fucked when you lose your glasses like you need them to see so how are you supposed to look for them cause you can’t see shit

you do realize that people don’t turn blind when they don’t have glasses on right? Everything is just a little blurry

Yes thank you I’ve been wearing glasses for 10 years I know how it is when I can’t find mine which is why I made this post

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Researchers in the US are developing ‘organs-on-a-chip’ - an entire electronic set of human organs that can take the guesswork, and animals, out of drug testing.

“We are learning more and more that mice and rats don’t predict humans. The shortcomings of animal testing are becoming clear.”


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quick warmup doodle 
man my hands are shaky ;~;

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Plot Twist


E.N.D actually stands for Erza Needs Desserts. Zeref’s trump card to deprive Erza of sweets until she destroys the world.

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